Learning Journeys

At Coastlands Preschool we believe that you must be able to follow your child’s progress. Therefore, each child’s learning journey is documented in both a physical and a digital portfolio.

At least once a month your child will have an aspect of their learning recorded and posted on Storypark. Storypark is a secure online network so you have access to your child’s learning wherever you are. You are also able to give access to your child’s Storypark page to family members, such as grandparents and aunties and unlces. You, as parents, are able to add stories to your child’s profile and you and whoever else you choose to share their profile with are able to comment on their entries. When your child leaves the centre you take over control of their profile.

We regularly print out the Storypark stories to put into your child’s profile books which are stored in the centre. Both your child and you have have access to these and you get to keep this when your child leaves the centre.



Portfolio Entries

Entries into your child’s portfolio may take many forms, including:

Learning Stories

A teacher sits near your child and watches them in their play (either on their own or with others) and learning and writes an anecdotal record of what takes place. They may talk with your child to further develop their play or they may simply observe what is happening and what is said.

Literacy Beginnings

When your child first shows an interest in attempting to write their name we will take a photo and include this in their portfolio. As they continue in their ability to write their name, or develop their literacy skills in other ways, we will add more photos of their progress.

Magic Moments

These are a quick snapshot in time of a special moment involving your child.

Art Samples

Photos, and possibly an explanation, of your child’s artwork are included to document their creativity.

Time Studies

A teacher checks in with your child and sees what different activities they are involved in over a period of time.