Cornerstone Values

At Coastlands Preschool we believe that well rounded children, who will become successful adults, need to understand and use values.

We choose to implement the Cornerstone Values in our centre. These values, drawn from the research of C.S.Lewis, are principles that are consistent, universal, and transcultural. They build character that produces behaviour that is beneficial for the individual, others and the community.


Our Eight Cornerstone Values


Honesty and Truthfulness
Telling the truth

Being a friend

Consideration and Concern for Others
Thinking of others

Helping those in trouble


Doing what you
are asked

Being trustworthy

Being caring

Doing the right thing


Teachers at Coastlands Preschool model these values, they talk about them, they share stories and everyday examples of the values.  Children are encouraged to use them in everyday play. We believe these qualities seen in our children should be acknowledged and celebrated.  Snapshots of these values in action are displayed on our classroom walls.