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Coastlands Preschool is situated by the beach in the peaceful surroundings of Coastlands. We believe that children need space to learn and grow so we provide significantly more indoor and outdoor space than is required. These spacious indoor and outdoor areas ensure the children have plenty of room to engage in a wide selection of play activities.

Coastlands Preschool caters for children aged two to five years old. We have two large classrooms and outdoor play areas: our Kiwi Room is designed for two and three year olds while the Pukeko Room is designed for four and five year olds. Both these rooms have transitioning programmes so children move easily to their next educational setting, whether that is going into the Pukeko Room or entering school.

The Cornerstone Values are embedded into the centre philosophy. These values help children develop respect, honesty, kindness and perseverance. Our philosophy also supports building within each child a sense of self worth and optimism.


At Coastlands Preschool the ratio of children to staff is kept low and quality teaching is always in place. An extremely low turnover of staff has ensured all of our children are familiar with their teachers. This has led to enriched relationships and a firm sense of belonging. Our Education Review supports this aspect of our centre.

We would love to see you, so come along for a visit, and see for yourself what a fantastic environment we have. We welcome you to visit any time, any day.



The Child

  • Developing in each child a sense of optimism and self worth
  • Allowing each child to learn and grow in the world around them through experimentation and play
  • Valuing each child as a unique individual and, as they get older, preparing them for a successful transition to school.




Providing a wide range of enriched learning experiences which develop each child's academic, physical, emotional and spiritual values.


Cornerstone Values

Incorporating the Cornerstone Values into both learning and play.



Recognising play as an essential part of the developmental process



Building a strong partnership with parents to ensure each child's potential is maximised.


Why Choose Coastlands Preschool?

We work for you and with you…

  • We understand that children need time to settle in a new environment so we offer free short visits when transitioning into the centre

  • We know that life happens and that, on occasion, you made need to change your child’s set hours or days. For parents with children younger than three and those paying the optional charge, we try to be as flexible as possible with this and, in most cases, do not charge you for these changes

  • We know that children get sick (or just need a day off every now and then!). Therefore, if you inform us that your child will be absent we will discount their normal  fee by 50%

  • We believe that family is important and that you want to spend as much time together as possible. So, when we close for two weeks over the Christmas holidays we do not charge you. Similarly, we do not charge you when we close on public holidays

  • We think communication needs to be clear. With this in mind, our fortnightly invoices are broken down into daily attendance and the amount you have been charged for each day after any ECE Hours have been applied. This makes it very easy for you if you happen to have any account queries


  • Over 80% of our required staff are trained teachers - ensuring that your child is getting a quality education

  • All our teachers (both trained and untrained) attend regular Professional Development to ensure we are up to date with best practise and are able to offer your child the best education possible

  • Low staff turnover -  together our permanent staff have been with us for over 60 years!

  • Teachers have fixed days and hours -  your child will bond with the same teachers who work with them each day


  • A focus on free play with enough structure (mat times) to provide routine and allow tamariki to reset

  • A wide range of activities to develop and extend your child

  • An ever developing loose parts culture

  • Meal time rituals - all staff and children eat together

  • Excellent transition to school programme


  • Situated by the sea - your child will get lots of fresh air

  • Large indoor and outdoor areas - almost twice what is required so your child has space to play and learn

  • Sensory garden - to allow your child to stimulate their senses

  • Flower and vegetable gardens - created with and for the children

  • Access to the adjacent school fields and playgrounds

  • SPACE - Our large spaces mean we are licensed for 110 children. In practice we have a maximum of 70 children in the centre at one time

Centre Information

Opening Hours

Open from 7.30am to 5.30pm, Monday to Friday.

We are open all year around except for a two week break over Christmas/New Year.

We are closed on public holidays.


Parent information packs, which include an enrolment form, can be picked up from the centre. Alternatively, get in touch and we can send the pack out to you.

When you return the enrolment form, please bring your child’s birth certificate or passport and their immunisation certificate. We will take a copy of these for our records.

Each of our rooms has a maximum number of 35 children enrolled at one time. This is to ensure the children have a spacious environment to play and learn in. If there is not a place available for your child we can put them on our waiting list.  


We run an open door policy - come along and see us any day, any time. No need to call up first.


We understand that it can be daunting for children (and their parents) when they begin in an unfamiliar environment. We work with you to ensure this transition is as smooth as possible. We encourage you to bring your child for settling visits before they begin. Initially it is a good idea for you to stay with them at these visits. We recommend that your child then comes for a few more short visits, by themselves, before they begin their normal hours.

Meal Times

We have set times throughout the day where children and teachers sit together to eat their food. We believe this encourages a healthy relationship with food and is a good time for our busy children to have some rest.

We encourage healthy eating at our centre and prefer you to send your child with plenty of suitable food such as sandwiches, fruit, vegetables and cheese and crackers. We are happy to heat up food in our microwave.

In order to reduce our ‘footprint’ on the Earth, we try to reduce our waste. As such, please limit packaging in your child’s lunchbox.

We encourage our children to drink water and we ask that a water bottle is brought to the centre each day. The water bottle can be refilled with the filtered, cooled water available at centre.



Fee Schedule

We charge $6.oo per hour for all ages (excludes 20 ECE hours for three to five year olds). If your child is enrolled for forty hours or more we charge a discounted rate.

If you notify us that your child will be absent on a given day we charge a retainer fee of only $3.oo per hour.

A 5% discount is available for the second child enrolled and 10% for the third.  

WINZ childcare subsidies may be available for fee assistance. To find out if you are eligible for a WINZ subsidy, contact WINZ or visit their website.

Please note, our hourly charge includes the application of sunscreen while children are at the centre.

When your child starts with us they will received a named wetbag. We use these to put any wet or dirty clothes in an effort to reduce the number of plastic bags we use in our centre. 

We require you to initially enrol your child for a minimum of four hours at a time. This helps your child to be more settled and to begin to develop relationships with their teachers and peers. As your child becomes more settled, and gets older, we recommend that you increase their hours. This allows them to build on their relationships and prepares them for the next stage in their education, be it the Pukeko Room or school.



For those using ECE hours at our centre, an optional charge of $1.00 per hour applies. By having this optional charge in place we are able to provide a higher quality service to you. This includes:

  • Having over 90% of our staff qualified

  • Our ability to maintain our excellent teacher to child ratios to ensure an enriching and high quality education environment for your child

  • The flexibility we currently offer in allowing you to ‘swap a day’ and/or add days and hours (often at short notice)

  • Only charging 50% of the normal fee when your child is away, if you notify us

  • Not charging on public holidays

  • Our large spaces. We choose not to utilise our full license for the number of children we are allowed to have at the centre (we are licenced to have 110 children yet we only have a maximum of 70 children at a time). This is to ensure your child has plenty of space to play and learn

If you feel unable to help in this way please discuss it with the centre manager when seeking an enrolment. Unfortunately, for those who choose not to pay the optional charge, we are unable to provide flexibility in our ability to allow you to swap a day or add temporary bookings at short notice.

We try our best to accommodate your need to change your child’s booked hours, either on a temporary or permanent basis. We regret that we are unable to offer this flexibility to families who are not paying the optional charge.