Loving, Caring and Thriving Environment

Coastlands Preschool is a loving, caring and thriving environment where children can learn while having fun in a safe and secure place. The staff become like family to the kids and parents as they grow and move through from the Kiwi room to the Pukeko room.  

The staff are constantly thinking up new ways for the kids to be creative, have fun and have opportunities to learn how things work; from cooking and sewing machines to playing in the rain or with coloured ice and gloop.  They provide so many opportunities for them to learn and experience.  

I love the concerts that each room puts on twice a year, the staff go above and beyond and the children always have the cute factor!

All my children (boys and girls) have loved Coastlands, I can not recommend them highly enough.  If you want the best environment for your child in the preschool years, so that they are set up for school and life, then send them to Coastlands.  When my children started school, the teachers comments were, “Oh they’ve come from Coastlands, they’ll do just fine.”


Sharon Seales