Amazing Teachers

We took ages not knowing where to send our little girls to preschool. I was very reluctant to send them anywhere. I had had about three different people I knew of recommend Coastlands Preschool but wasn't sure as I had no idea what to expect. So I finally made contact and my daughter started when she was three. It was the best decision ever. She didn't need to go everyday but she was so happy there. The teachers are amazing!!! They always acknowledge the kids when they come in. They have such good structure and discipline and respect and enjoyment which I feel is so important for the safety and stability for children.

By my second daughter work changed our situation, so I sent her elsewhere for preschool....but I was always unsettled. Not feeling it was right I quickly changed her to Coastlands....ohhh it was the greatest knowing she was back in a great environment again. I immediately knew she was back in a safe and great place as she needs structure and boundaries. This has helped us as she is a very busy little girl.

The teachers are just amazing. I recommend this preschool to everyone I know needing to send their children. Also it doesn't feel crammed. It's very spacious. Kids have plenty of space and lots to do and also are given lots of different activities such as arts and crafts to experience.

My daughters have had so much experience and enjoyment at Coastlands Preschool and the teachers are awesome. I've probably already mentioned that....but they are!!!!


Abbie and Matt, Maia and Chloe