Instant Aroha

Searching all around Whakatane for the right fitting pre-school I was about to give up one day until my sister-in-law mentioned Coastlands. I thought, yeah why not, it’s on our way back to Kawerau, we may as well pop in. I felt instant aroha when we walked through the door. How at ease my son was running through the once unfamiliar rooms and playing with the other children on the playground. How at home he felt, sitting down with the tamariki and having afternoon tea with them - sharing Whaea Sue's rock melon.

The conversations that I had with the teachers showed the real down to earth nature and I knew from then that for these ladies, as a stem of this organisation, to present such kindness, showed the true foundations of what this preschool is about.

My son has evolved so much since starting at Coastlands on February the 1st 2017. The skills he has developed, the stories that are told to me, the relationships both he and I have made with other tamariki and kaiako, has really hit me in all the right places. I can't thank everyone there enough for contributing to growth of my baby.


Kimi Gordine-Whakaruru